Miniature Knitting
by Helena  Bleeker
    Helena Bleeker 2008
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      Bianca Wedding Dress
Venne colcoton 34/2 and 70/2  White  
Needles UK 20. (0.9 mm).
This pattern contains:
1 Lace dress skirt
2 Short top with frill
3 Underskirt
4 Cape
5 Headdress
6 Train
7 Panties
8 Garter Belt
9 page pattern booklet  £ 5.25
A Heidi Ott Doll was used    
Dress and Hat
A elegant dress for
Dress and Hat
Leoni and Flora
Leoni and baby Fiona
  A beautiful Ball gown in Lace with Top and Skirt

Adult Doll size  Patterns
"Flora" in a different colour combination
"Scarlet" Needles 0.9mm UK size 20. Venne colcoton 70/2 for the top, matching 34/2 for the skirt. Four small buttons, lots of silk ribbon roses. To knit this gown in Silk 60/2 you will need 2 reels. "Vivian" Needles UK size 20, 0.9 mm. Venne Colcoton 34/2 Brown 7-6010. Ecru 7100. Peach 2026. Six small buttons for cardigan. "Leoni" Needles 0.9 mm UK size 20. Venne colcoton 34/2 7-4060 Blue and 34/2 White 7-7001. 9 small buttons or beads.
The perfect outfit for the  
Schoolmistress or Librarian
"Claudia" Needle size 0.9mm UK size 20. Venne Colcoton 34/2 colour 7-3033, Metallic 8-1006. "Clare" Needles size, UK 20, 0.9mm and UK size 21, 08mm for collar. Venne Colcoton 34/2 Cream 7-6018 and Mauve deep 7-7044. "Grace" Needles 0.9mm, UKsize 20 and size21, 0.8mm. Venne Colcoton 34/2 colours 7-7099 Black, 7-7001 White. "Fiona" Needles UK size 21, 0.8mm. White silk ribbon, 1 button. Venne colcoton 70/2 White,for a heavier gown use 34/2 or silk 60/2.
Baby Fiona
"Roger" Needles size UK20, 0.9mm and UK size 21, 0.8mm. Materials needed, for the Jeans 34/2 7- 4005, and 70/2 7-4058. Sweater, 34/2 7-7099, 7-1019, 7-6003, 7-4053, 7-1002
 Adult size male
Jumper  and Jeans
A lovely Cape and
    long  Dress
Cream Cape and purple
  front opening Skirt
   Knitted with a
Combination of 34/2
and  Metal thread
"Anette" Needle size UK 20. 0.9mm, Venne Colcoton 34/2colour 7-3010 Bronze Metallic 8-1017. small beads for the fringe of the stole. "Rose" Needles size UK20, 0.9mm. Venne Colcoton 34/2. Grey 7-7024, Peach 34/2.7-3026. Small amount for collar in 70/2 is needed, 3 small buttons. Please note: this is not a Fair Isle pattern. "Courtney", Knitting needles 0.9mm UK size 20. Venne colcoton 34/2 -7-6018 in cream, Silk ribbon in 2-4mm width. Matching colours, green and dusty pink embroidery silks.
 Long evening dress with
stole  in Venne  terracotta  
and Metallic bronze thread.
"Carmen" Venne Colcoton 34/2 colour Blue 7-4005. Pink 7- 3014. Needle size UK 20.( 0.9 mm), 3 buttons.
"Mary" Needles UK size 20, 0.9 mm. Venne Colcoton 34/2 Brown 7-6010. Blue 7-4008.
"Valerie Cape, Sweater and Afghan" 0.8 mm and 0.9 mm needles UK size 20 -21. 70/2 Ecru cotton for capelet, 38/2-8-3013 Multi colour for Afghan, 34/2 cotton 7-4022 for Sweater, Silk ribbon for capelet and small buttons for sweater. "Rhoda" Needles UK size 20, (0.9 mm). Venne Colcoton 34/2 in Pale Lilac 7-4048. Matching 4 mm silk ribbon.
Maternity top for a
       14 cm doll
"Iris" Venne colcoton 34/2- 4053 for dress, 34/2 -7001 for lace. Needles UK size 20 (0.9 mm). 3 small buttons, 4 mm Silk ribbon.
Ladies Dress
"Olivia" Needle size UK 20. 0.9 mm, Venne Colcoton 34/2colour 5014 Green and small amount of Brown 7022, For Lace, 70/2 Colcoton 6014 Beige. 3 buttons. Matching 4 mm wide silk ribbon.
Back of dress
"Dorothy" Needles size UK 20 (0.9 mm). Venne colcoton 34/2 Multi-colour 3000.  Beige 6019. Mohair 6010. 3 buttons.
"Danielle" Needles size, UK 20, 0.9mm and UK size 21, 08mm for collar. Some small buttons or beads.
"Moira" Knitting needles and 0.9 mm. UK size 20. Venne colcoton 34/2–Blue 4062. Metallic 8-1012. 3 Buttons.
"Louise" Needles 0.9mm, UKsize 20 for skirt, 0.8mm UK size 21 for the top. Venne Colcoton 34/2 colours 7-3033, 7-3013, 7-3034, 7-3009
Dress, Poncho and Hat
        for a Lady
Skirt from Louise with
Top from Gayle pattern
 Boat neck Jumper
 and circular skirt
for a Adult size doll
"Molly" Needles size UK20 and 21 or 0.9mm and 0.8mm. Crochet hook 0.6. Venne Colcoton 34/2 colours 7-5053, 7-6018.
Mock Cable Cape
 with buttoned   
front opening skirt
"Tanya" Needle size UK 20, 0.9mm. Venne Colcoton 34/2 colour 7-4053 (blue) and Multi colour 8-3360. A little yellow is needed for the neck strap.
Fun Beach Outfit With Halter Top and  
            Skirt with frilly edge
 1940 style Boat Neck
Jumper in Colcoton 70/2
  Skirt Colcoton 34/2
"Gayle" Needles size 0.9mm, UK size 20. Venne Colcoton 70/2 White, Skirt, 34/2, pale Grey, 7-7023.
To see details of the Materials
  used place the arrow of the
“mouse” over the pattern photo
Adults 2
"Isabel Dress" Needles 1.00 mm- UK 19  Venne colcoton 34/2 7-1002 for the Hat 7-6024. Silk ribbon and buttons. "Flora" Needles 0.9mm UK size 20. Venne colcoton Multithread 8-3025 and 34/2 Rose 7-3013. small buttons or beads 125 needed. Silk ribbon for decoration of the hat. Information for a taller 15cm porcelain doll is given as cream in ( ). Venne Colcoton 34/2 7-6018 cream and 7-6002 camel brown.
Victorian dress with a twist
Grandma’s sleeveless
dress with a dainty
"Scotty Trouser Suit" Needle size 1mm, UK size 20. Colcoton 34/2 in Red, White and Black.
Scotty Suit

  Doll used 15.5 cm
"Tiffany" Needles size UK 20, 0.9mm, Venne Colcoton Multi thread 8-3043 (Wine Red). some Buttons or Beads
Elegant 1950’s
dress for a lady
"Louise" variation using the skirt from the Louise pattern and the top from the Gayle pattern
Ladies Lace Skirt and Top
"Dana" Needles UK 19- 20-21 (0.8, 0.9 and 1 mm). Venne colcoton 70/2 Blue 7-4053. Variety of silk ribbon. Blue coloured glass embroidery beads. Safety pin.
Coral and Sam
"Coral and Sam"
"Sam" Venne Colcoton 34/2. 7- 4005 Navy Blue. 7- 7001 White. Needles UK size 20. (0.8 mm).
"Coral" Needles UK 19- 20- 21 (0.8, 0.9 and 1 mm). Venne colcoton 70/2 Peach 2011. Variety of silk ribbon. Coral colour glass embroidery beads, safety pin.
  Ladies outfit
(Hat not included)
Sweater for a Man
"Peddler Doll" Venne colcoton; 34/2 7- 6022 Brown. 7-5018 Green. 7-3046 Red. 7-3010 Salmon. 7-5056 Green. 7-2003 Burned orange. 7-3011 Salmon. 7-4023 Purple. 7-7100 Ecru, 7-3003. Red for Petticoat.70/2 Ecru or silk 60/2 for Shawl. White lace for collar and Poke bonnet. Needles UK size 21. 0.8 mm. 6small buttons.
Peddler Doll
Price £ 3.95
Skirt, blouse, apron, shawl,
poke bonnet, bloomers and
Christening dress
      for a baby
Nanny dress for
    a Lady doll
"Scarlet" Needles 0.9mm UK size 20. Venne colcoton 70/2 for the top, matching 34/2 for the skirt. Four small buttons, lots of silk ribbon roses. To knit this gown in Silk 60/2 you will need 2 reels. "Isabel Dress" Needles 1.00 mm- UK 19  Venne colcoton 34/2 7-1002 for the Hat 7-6024. Silk ribbon and buttons.
Nightdress and pants for
           a Lady Doll
"Brandy" Venne colcoton 70/2. 7-7007 Linen White. 3 buttons, small amount of ribbon. Needles UK 20 (0.9 mm)
Skirt, lace top, cardigan
 for a 13 cm young lady
"Nadine" Venne colcoton 34/2. 7-7099 Black. 7- 2003 Red. 70/2. 7 7001 White. 3 buttons. 4 mm silk ribbon. 1 small safety pin. Needles UK 20 (0.9 mm).
Skirt, blouse with
  lace collar and
bloomers for petite
    Lady 13.5 cm
Gisella" Venne colcoton 50/2. 7-7007 White. 70/2. 7-7007 White. Needles UK20- 21 (0.9 - 0.8 mm). 50 cm White 2 mm silk ribbon. 5 buttons.
Lace coat and dress
     for a Lady
"Marietta"  Venne colcoton Bio 50/2. 7-3001 Red. 34/2 Black 7-7099. Needles UK20. (0.9 mm). 50 cm Red 2-4 mm silk ribbon. 4 buttons.
Mock cable dress,
Shawl and pants for
    a petite Lady
"Joan" Venne colcoton 34/2. 7-7020 pale grey. 70/2. A minimum of 4 different colours are needed for shawl. Needles UK21. (0.8 mm). Shawl UK20. (0,9 mm). 5 small buttons.
Man’s cardigan
"Bates" Venne colcoton 40/2 Multicolour. 7- 4060. Needles UK20. (0.9 mm). 5 small buttons.
Dress and hat for a Lady doll
"Patience" Venne colcoton 34/2. 7-5003 Petrol. Needles UK 20. (0.9 mm). Lime green and Black 4 mm silk ribbon. 3 small safety pins. 50 cm very small lace for cuffs and collar, small black feather, gold finding for hat. 6 buttons.
Ladies dress with
“Lilly of the Valley”
Long Spanish dress
but with  the sleeves
removed, an elegant
1920’s style long dress
Pattern for a chunky
Cardigan, Skirt and
matching Handbag
apelet, Sweater, and
   Afghan for Granny
Suit and Hat for a
Grandma Heidi Ott.
Molly” will fit a
mature lady doll
Included are the
Waistcoat, Skirt
  and  Sweater.
Lovely knitted lace dressing
     gown for a Lady doll
(For experienced knitters)
"Penny" Venne colcoton 50/2. 7-7007 White. 4 mm silk ribbon. Needles UK 20 (0.9 mm 34/2. 7-7007 White. Needles 21 (0.8 mm. (For experienced knitters) "Lola" Venne colcoton 34/2. 7-4022 dark lilac. 7-4030 light lilac. 7-7001 White. 70/2. 7-7001 white for apron. 4 mm white silk ribbon. Needles UK20 (0.9 mm). 3 small safety pins.
Dress, bonnet and apron
          for a lady