Miniature Knitting
by Helena  Bleeker
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    Helena Bleeker 2008
Bedspread with beautiful
Lace pattern, knitted with
Colcoton 34/2
An old 19th century pattern
(easy but a lot of knitting)
Miniature Lace Knitting
Please Note: both the following 2 patterns are for
              Experienced knitters only ! ! !
Bedspread with a
Double Frill.
Knitted with Venne
70/2 ( 2 Reels)
Needle size UK20 (0.9 mm)
  A very delicate Baby shawl
 knitted with Venne 70/2 in Ecru
   Needle size UK20 (0.9 mm)
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To prove that this bedspread
does also look good in a
different colour take a look
at this version finished in
pink by Jenny Revell from
the UK
Patterns £ 3.25 each
Lace Baby Shawl
Size 4.5” X 4.5”
11 X 11 cm.
Colcoton 34/2
Peacock and Flora
Bedspread for a four-poster or single bed.
An old 19th century pattern (easy but a lot of knitting). Needles size UK20, 0.9mm. Venne Colcoton White, 2 reels of 34/2 7-1002 "Francesca" Lace Baby Shawl Pattern. Please Note: for experienced knitters only. Needles size UK 20 (0.9mm). Venne Colcoton 70/2 white 7001, off-white 7007 or Ecru 7700. Charity Bedspread " Lynette Lace Bedspread Pattern" Please Note: For experienced knitters only. Needles size UK 20 (0.9 mm). 2 reels Venne Colcoton 70/2 either white 7001, off white 7007 or Ecru 7700. "Peacock and Flora Bedspread" Venne colcoton 34/2 White 7001. Needles 0.9 mm size UK 20.
"Irene" Shawl for a Baby. Venne Colcoton 34/2 Cream 7-6018. Will also look lovely in 70/2 cotton. Needles size UK20, 0.9mm for Shawl and 0.8mm UK size 21 for Lace edgings.