Miniature Knitting
by Helena  Bleeker
    Helena Bleeker 2008
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Miniature Knitting Patterns
Miniature knitting for Babies
Miniature knitting for Toddlers
Miniature knitting for Children
Miniature knitting for Teenagers
Miniature knitting for Adult Male and Female Dolls
The patterns are  designed for use with 1 /12 and 1/24 scale dolls.
However it is important to check the measurements
 of your own doll against the knitting.
Price of patterns £ 3.25 each (unless  stated differently)
Toddler Patterns. Children Patterns  . Teenager Patterns . Patterns for Adult Dolls 1. 1/24 scale Patterns.
Miniature knitting for 1/24 scale Dolls
Pattern Books . Miniature Lace Knitting.
Miniature Lace Knitting
Miniature Knitting Books (English and Dutch)
New Designs in Miniature Knitting
Free Miniature Cot Blanket Pattern
Free Miniature Cot Blanket Pattern. Free Miniature Jumper Pattern. New Designs . Baby Patterns . Selection of Miniature Knitting Patterns for Babies in 1/12 scale. By Helena Bleeker.
Selection of Baby Patterns
 Patronen NL.
Nieuwe Patroontjes in de Nederlandse Taal
Free Mohair Jumper Pattern
The Black/White collection in 1/12 scale by Helena Bleeker.
The Black and White Collection
The Caribean Collection in 1/12 scale by Helena Bleeker.
The Caribbean Collection