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K - knit. P - purl. St - stitches.
Inc - increase. Dec - decrease.
Ss - stocking stitch (knit on the
            front, purl on the back)
Sr - single rib (k 1, p 1, till end)
Cast on 34 st,
Rib for 8 rows in black,
For easy knitting, take several meters of Black yarn, or if  you
have two balls of black, use one for either side so there is less
twisting in the Mohair saves a lot of untwisting.
Increase 6 st in this row (40 st)
Keep following the pattern.
For the neck, cast those stitches off in rib to have a solid edge

 Miniature Knitting Free Pattern

This copyright means the free patterns may not be copied for commercial
gain in any form .
Materials needed
DMC Cotton in black,
Mohair in Turquoise from VENNE Colcoton.
The second jumper has been knitted in
Venne Mohair White and Dusty Lilac DMC no 397
Needle size 0.9mm UK size 21/22

Knit as the front,
Again cast off those stitches in rib.
Sleeves (Make two)
Cast on 25st,
Rib 6 rows, increase 5 st in the last row, evenly divided.
Keep following the chart, don’t forget to increase
Neck Collar
Cast on 46 st in black
Row 1        Rib this row
Row 2        Purl
Row 3        K 2 st tog, k to last 2 st k 2 tog
Row 4        P1 Turquoise, P 5 in black repeat till end
Row 5        K2 turq.  , (k 3 in black, k 3 turq. repeat till end.)
Row 6        P 3 turq. , ( p 1 black , p 5 turq. , repeat till end )
Row 7        till 13 knit in stocking stitch,
Row 14      K 1, P 1, till end
Row 15      cast off all stitches.
Fold the collar in half and sew with very fine stitches together
Join the center back, all with matching thread! , ready
to be sewn onto the jumper later.
Work away all threads, Blocking should be done dry.
Sew the shoulder seams together. Put in the sleeves.
Sew sleeve and side seams together.

I have brushed the Mohair with a Mascara brush.
You can also use a old very soft toothbrush.
Brush it very lightly one way, than come back
again the opposite way  till a nice effect has been
achieved .Sew the collar into position.
©Helena Bleeker 2004
iniature Knitting Free Pattern Chart Miniature Knitting Free Pattern Chart Sleeve
Chart Front
Chart Sleeve
©  Helena Bleeker 2004
©  Helena Bleeker 2004
 The Mohair Jumper
knitted by Carol Argent
Summer Mohair Jumper
©Helena Bleeker 2004