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©  Helena Bleeker 2008
                                                        Baby Blanket
©Helena Bleeker 2008
Materials needed
Knitted in 34/2 Colour of your choice
Needles 0.9mm UK size 20

k-knit.  P-purl.   tog- knit sts together, yrn- yarn around the needle to make a stitch.   
yo- same as yrn but before a knit stitch.  W/S- wrong side of work.  R/S- right side of work. Yo twice- work two yo
to make two sts on the next row.

The blanket has a border of Garter stitch surrounding the pattern with a lovely back to it, looks good and is reversible
Cast on 45sts
Row 1-9     knit (garter stitch) 9 rows
Row 10      W/S K5, (p3, k1) rep, to last 4 sts, k4,
Row 11      k4, (p1, k3) rep, to last 5 sts p1, k4
Row 12      k5, (yrn, p3tog, yo, k1,) rep, to last 4 sts, k4,
Row 13      k6, (p1, k3) rep, to last 7 sts, p1, k6
Row 14      k4, p2, k1 (p3, k1) rep, to last 6 sts, p2, k4,
Row 15      k6, (p1, k3) rep, to last 7 sts, p1, k6,
Row 16      k4, p2tog, yo, k1, (yrn, p3tog, yo, k1) rep, to last 6 sts, yrn, p2tog, k4,
Row 17      R/S*k4, (p1, k3) rep, to last 5 sts p1, k4,
Repeat rows 10-17 for pattern. For my bed a repeat of 6 patterns was needed but do measure your own bed or cot.
Garter-stitch 10 rows
Cast off all sts,
Work away loose ends.

To complete the bed set with nice Lacy edging for the sheet, please follow the pattern below.
Lace 34/2 cotton. Or for a finer and more delicate lace use 70/2 instead.
Cast on 5sts
Row 1      knit
Row 2      k1, yo, k2tog, yo twice, k2
Row 3      k2 (k1,p1,) into the yo twice from previous row, k3 (7)
Row 4      k1, yo, k2tog, k4 (7)
Row 5      cast off 2sts, k4 (5)
Rep rows 2-5 for pattern till the width of sheet has been reached (mine needed 11 repeats)
Attach the lace with fine sewing thread and very small stitches.